Friday, July 31, 2009

LIVE AID Concert Jacket 1985

LIVE AID Concert Jacket 1985,Black Satin Jacket,Embroidered on back LIVE AID W/LIVE AID GUITAR LOGO,no Tag in Jacket,,,LIVE AID was a series of Concerts Put on by Bob Geldof for the Relief of ETHIOPIA,The Main Concerts were in Wembley Stadium and JFK Stadium, July 13th 1985 was the Date,,,DaveK

LIVE AID MTV Crew T-Shirt 1985

LIVE AID MTV Crew T-Shirt 1985,Cotton Vintage T-shirt,Silkscreened on front CREW MTV MUSIC TELEVISION,Silkscreened on back LIVE AID JULY 13,,,T-shirt made by COLLEGIATE PACIFIC,These are very rare ,they only made these for Working Personal at the Show in 1985,,,DaveK

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cheap Trick Dream Police 1979 REVISITED

Cheap Trick Dream Police 1979 REVISITED,,1979 DREAM POLICE VINTAGE TOUR JACKET,,Embroidered Patch on back, Sewn on the Back,Great Jacket,Cool Band,They were The Band to See in Concert in the 1978,,,,DaveK

Monday, July 27, 2009

California Jam 2 Crew Jacket 1978

Cal Jam 2 Crew Jacket 1978,Dark Brown Satin Jacket,Embroidered on back ONTARIO MOTOR SPEEDWAY,CALIFORNIA JAM 2,MARCH 18th 1978,The ORANGE SUN is a FELT PATCH with the Embroidered Logo on top,Jacket made by BIP of New York,,,Don E. Branker Produced The Cal Jam Concerts in 1974 and 1978, That Day in 1978 were Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush,Aerosmith,Foreigner,Heart,Dave Mason,Ted Nugent,Rubico,Santana and Bob Welch,
I wanted to go to California Jam 2 but since I was in Northern Calif.I couldnt Attend This Concert, DaveK

Cal Jam 2 ON YOUTUBE Don E.Branker Video

Don E.Branker Created California Jam 2 back in 1978,He Produced The First Cal Jam in 1974 Also,Even today hes Still Producing Music and Video,Don Branker has a New Website with alot of Info on Vintage Concerts he has done,,,DaveK

Cal Jam 2 Crew T-Shirt 1978

Cal Jam 2 Crew T-Shirt 1978,Cotton T shirt, Silkscreened on front ONTARIO MOTOR SPEEDWAY CALIFORNIA JAM 2,MARCH 18,1978, Silkscreened on back EAT NARSAI'S,CALIFORNIA JAM 2 LOGO,no label who made it,This was a Crew Member that worked at the show backstage,Very Rare Concert T-Shirt,DaveK

Saturday, July 25, 2009


One of my Favorite Concert Videos on Youtube,Great 1970s Rock and Roll,Very RAW SOUND,THANKS MARK FOR THE MUSIC, PS......GFR IS NOT IN THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME YET,,,WHY,,,,DaveK

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rolling Stones Tour Jacket 1981

Rolling Stones Tour Jacket 1981,Cotton Dark Green Jacket,Embroidered on front Rolling Stones TONGUE Logo W/ U.S.TOUR '81,Cream Color Leather Sleeves,Made by GOLDEN BEAR Jackets,DaveK

Rolling Stones T Shirt 1981

Rolling Stones T Shirt 1981,silkscreened on back STONES 81,silkscreened on front ROLLING STONES w/FLAG TONGUE LOGO,STRIPED Sleeves,Made by Sportswear,This is a Ringer T Shirt for the 1981 Rolling Stones Tour,DaveK

Monday, July 20, 2009


MY TRIBUTE TO APOLLO 11 MOON LANDING,,,SIGNED Litho APOLLO 11 ASTRONAUTS,Photo I shot of Buzz Aldrin,Neil Armstrong,Also a Photo I Shot of The MOONWALKERS,,,Harrison Schmitt,Buzz Aldrin,Charlie Duke,Gene Cernan,Dave Scott and Alan Bean,The Last Photo is from Life magazine from Sept 1963 with the Astronauts in there Blue Flightsuits Issued by Nasa and Jim McDivitt's Blue NASA Flightsuit that I got in Auction at Novaspace,,,DaveK

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ann Margret Tour Jacket 1980

Ann Margret Tour Jacket 1980,Black Cotton Jacket, Embroidered on back ANN-MARGRET & COMPANY,Embroidered on Sleeve MCA MK PRODUCTIONS, Embroidered Name on front,Red-Orange Satin Lining,Made By JONATHAN B of California,Ann Margret was In One of my Favorite 1970s movies The WHO's TOMMY,The whole soundtrack was GREAT,Then there was Speedway with Elvis Presley,WOW,She was HOT,Anyway this was from the DISCO LP from 1980 that Paul Sabu Produced,MK Productions was for Mark Kreiner, Ann Margret was on MCA RECORDS at this time in 1980,,DaveK

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whitney Houston Tour Jacket 1991

Whitney Houston Tour Jacket 1991,Brown Military Style Crew Jacket,Embroidered on back Whitney Houston 1991-92 IM YOUR BABY TONIGHT WORLD TOUR,Embroidered on front LION with NIPPY INC logo,PEACE SIGN PATCH ON ARM and PEACE/VICTORY FINGERS PATCH on front,NAME embroidered on front,Jacket made by Creative Custom Products Inc,,,,This is when she had The Movie The BODYGUARD out with Kevin Costner,They had the Premier for the Movie at The Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Calif that Year,I was There,DaveK

Friday, July 10, 2009

Talking Heads 1982 Tour Jacket

Talking Heads 1982 Tour Jacket,Members only Type Black Jacket,Embroidered on back THE NAME OF THE BAND IS,,,,TALKING HEADS, Embroidered on front TH,,,Jacket made by Compass Point,This was for The Double Live album that just came out and Tour from 1982,David Byrne was very New Wave and MTV was very NEW,,,DaveK