Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rolling Stones Hawaii Tour Jacket 1973

Rolling Stones Honolulu Hawaii Custom Tour Jacket 1973,Cream Color Cotton Light Weight Jacket from 1973,Silkscreened on back BILL GRAHAM-BARRY FEY PRESENTS THE ROLLING STONES,HONOLULU HAWAII, JANUARY 21 & 22 1973,,On the Front Embroidered name BLUE,Backstage Pass Sticker Residue on Jacket,No Tag on Jacket that i see,This was Custom made for the Hawaii 2 Day Event that Bill Graham and Barry Fey Produced,BLUE was a Roadie that worked at the Shows,Rolling Stone Magazine did an Article on These Concerts from Honolulu Hawaii in 1973,,,DaveK

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SECURITY -Part 3 Bill Graham Presents Windbreaker Staff/Security Jacket 1976

SECURITY Windbreaker,Light Blue BILL GRAHAM PRESENTS Security Jacket,Silkscreened on the back BILL GRAHAM PRESENTS with STAFF BGP on the front of the jacket,Jacket made by HiGear Jackets,Did you See Paul McCartney and Wings Tour "Wings Over America" at the Cowpalace in San Francisco Calif. in 1976,Well This Jacket Was there Too,,,Bill Graham did alot of Concerts in the Bay Area in the 1960s,1970s and 1980s,These Jackets were around so many concerts,Millions of People have seen them but not in recent history,DaveK

SECURITY- Part 2 STAFF PRO Windbreaker Jacket 1980s

SECURITY Windbreaker,Yellow Security STAFF PRO Jacket from the 1980s or early 90s, Silkscreened STAFF PRO on back with STAFF PRO LOGO on front with number,Made by Hartwell,This Jacket is from the 1980s or early 90s, Staff Pro was a Big SECURITY Agency,Concerts,Red Carpet Events,Charities,Hollywood Movie Premiers,I Saw these Jackets all the time years ago,DaveK

Sunday, May 24, 2009

QUEEN The Game Tour Jacket 1980

QUEEN The Game Tour Jacket 1980,Black Satin Jacket,Embroidered on the Back QUEEN LIVE KILLERS,Embroidered on the front QUEEN,THE GAME U.S. 1980,Made By ASA/American Specialty Advertising,Red Piping,When The Game came out in 1980,My Buddy and me went to the Music Shop and got the 8 Track tape,He had a Pioneer Supertuner with Booster Amp,it was very loud and on the way home we passed a Funeral at a Local Church in San Jose, Well My Friend Cranked it up when we passed the Church and laughed all the way home, Oh!! Playing,,,Another one Bites the Dust,,it was still new back then,DaveK

Saturday, May 23, 2009

STYX Paradise Theatre 1981 Tour Jacket

STYX Paradise Theatre 1981 Tour Jacket, Bergandy Milatary style Jacket ,Embroidered Patch of Paradise Theatre,STYX World Tour "TM"(Trademark),Jacket made by All Weather Sportswear by Tal Tane,Detroit,,,I saw STYX at this time in 1981 at The Oakland Coliseum, Bill Graham Presents An Evening with Styx,Monday July 6,1981,,,,,Price for a Ticket $11 Dollars ,That was a great Investment, 3 Hour Concert with Styx,It was General Admission so I got right up close to the stage,I shot the concert but cant find these negatives,I do have Memories and my Ticket Stub,I might find the photos somewhere in the future,DaveK

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three Dog Night Plaques Number One Hits

Three Dog Night Award Plaques for Number One Hits 1970s, Perma Plaque Awards that were presented to Management and Members of Three Dog Night, The Band had so many Number one Record and were on Top of the World in the early 1970s,,,Remember:,,,,Easy to be Hard,Joy to the World,Black and White,Mama told me not to come and Shambala,,,they dont write songs like this anymore,I got these plaques at a used Record store in Hollywood, Calif. afew years ago,somebody sold them to the store where i picked them up,DaveK

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Queen News of the World 1978 IN CONCERT Photos

Queen,,, News of the World 1978 Photos,,,,Photos I Shot at The Queen Concert in 1978, This was a Great Concert at The Cowpalace in San Francisco,I saw Queen twice in the 1970s, Heres afew shots from QUEEN in Concert,,,Recently This Year Brian May has a New Guitar Line and Effects Line that Duplicate his Trademark Sound of QUEEN,,, Check out his Website for Info on his Guitar Products, DaveK

Queen News of the World Berlin 1978 Tour Jacket

Queen News of the World Berlin 1978 Tour Jacket, Nylon Jacket,Large Patch with Felt silkscreened logo of Queens News of The World ,Berlin '78 on back,Black Patch with QUEEN Electrola on breast Pocket,Name Blue Embroidered on front,Acrylic lining inside,Made By Jaguar jackets Ltd.,,, Blue was a 1970s Roadie that worked alot in the 70s and 80s,Many Bands used him though out the years,Sadly he Passed away afew years ago,I saw Queen at the Cowpalace in San Francisco in 1978, ill post photos soon,,,DaveK

Alice Cooper Tour Windbreaker 1977

Alice Cooper Tour Windbreaker 1977, Lightweight Jacket from The Alice Cooper Show at Anaheim Stadium,Sunday,June 19th,1977,Silkscreened on Back with Coops Logo,Fun Entertainment was the Promoter of the Tour,Issued to The Roadies that worked that show from FUN ENT.,Alice cooper Loves to Play Golf for Charity Events these days,Met him afew times on the Golf Course as I Photograph Charity Events for the Photo Agency I Work with, I Wish I was 18 Years Old These days,Nope, wont Happen,DaveK

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sha Na Na on Youtube, REMEMBER THIS SONG

Do you Remember "Remember Then",Cool Satin Jackets Too,,,,BOWZER,Johnny Contardo and Sha Na NA,Thanks Johnny for the Great Memories you Gave us,OH,,Hi BOWZER,,,, DaveK here.

Sha Na Na Tour Jacket 1970s

Sha Na Na Tour Jacket 1970s, Vintage Satin Tour Jacket,Dark Brown in Color,Embroidered on back yellow Sha Na Na Logo, No Tag on who made the Jacket that i see,typical 1970s jacket,This Band was my Favorite in the mid 1970s,Remember American Graffiti was a Blockbuster Movie,Happy Days and Lavern And Shirley was Popular on Television,American Bandstand reruns of the 1950s played Gene Vincent,Eddie Cochran, and Jerry lee Lewis just to name afew,,,,Elvis Presley Sold out all his 1970s concerts and there was not even the internet or cell phones to buy tickets,Chuck Berry had My Ding-a-ling on the AM Radio,,,Dowop songs were Very Big around this time,,Today its Northern Soul,That all the The New Kids listen to Now,,,,,Then Theres BOWZER,Johnny Contardo and Sha Na NA,They sold out everywhere,,,They even had a T.V. Show,Great stuff even today,The music of the Rockin 1950s was and still is Cool,DaveK

PS,Im Looking for the Gold Leme Suits,Oh Johnny Wink Wink,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney With Ella Photos I Shot

Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney With Ella Photos I Shot,These are some of the Photos in my Archive of Photos from the years of Shooting in Los Angeles as a Press Photographer,I Photographed Bob at a Press Event in 1988 at Chasens Restaurant in Beverly Hills,Chasens is not there anymore,Loved the Chili,Paul McCartney Backstage with Ella at The Grammy Awards in the 1980s,Photos By DaveK