Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Jacksons Victory Tour Yamaha Productions Jacket 1984

The Jacksons Victory Tour 1984,Embroidered on the Back "The Jacksons Victory Tour 1984,Red,Gold and Blue Strips Embroidered on Shoulders,Yamaha Productions Embroidered on front with name,Jacket Made by California Custom Jackets,Glendale,Ca.,,,,long time ago I used to drive limousines in the 1980s and in 1988 drove some CBS exectutives to the Havenhurst home where Michael had a BAD Record Reliese party, i drove into the compound and into a cool place not to many people have gone,,Michaels Mom was very sweet and showed me around the first floor of the house, The Trophy room was filled to the Max of "keys to the cities",disney statues,Snow White and the seven Dwarves statues,Perma-Plaques for Billboard, Record World 100 Top Pops,Cash Box top 100 and so many others,Mrs Jackson gave me a soda, She showed me the Video Arcade room and the Taffy pulling machine and candy shop at the house,The house has a Star just like the Hollywood Stars on Hollywwod Blvd,"The Jacksons" at there front door,Very Cool,i stayed there for hours,Oh, i was Playing With Bubbles the Chimp Too,walking him all around the yard in his coveralls, BTW.Michael is 2 Days Older than me,its like a Man in the Mirror sometimes,DaveK


  1. I have one of these jackets too. My Dad was an investor in the tour and my sister and Jackie Jackson became friends. He came to our house and I met him. I was 10 and a BIG fan. He was nice enough to get me tickets to the concert in Dallas. I was able to go back stage and he gave me one of these jackets with my name on it. Pretty cool!

  2. yamaha red jacket

    the above Yamaha jacket collection is so awsome and amazing

  3. yep,,,, cool tour jacket,,,dk