Saturday, May 23, 2009

STYX Paradise Theatre 1981 Tour Jacket

STYX Paradise Theatre 1981 Tour Jacket, Bergandy Milatary style Jacket ,Embroidered Patch of Paradise Theatre,STYX World Tour "TM"(Trademark),Jacket made by All Weather Sportswear by Tal Tane,Detroit,,,I saw STYX at this time in 1981 at The Oakland Coliseum, Bill Graham Presents An Evening with Styx,Monday July 6,1981,,,,,Price for a Ticket $11 Dollars ,That was a great Investment, 3 Hour Concert with Styx,It was General Admission so I got right up close to the stage,I shot the concert but cant find these negatives,I do have Memories and my Ticket Stub,I might find the photos somewhere in the future,DaveK

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