Friday, May 1, 2009

The Eagles The Long Run Tour, Concerts West Jacket

The Eagles Tour Jacket from The Long Run Tour,satin windbreaker with Silkscreened Logo on the back and Silkscreened Concerts West logo on the front, No Tag name,This was Issued by Concerts West the Promoter of the Tour,,,Paul McCartney's band WINGS had the same type Tour Jackets for their Crew for "Wings Over America" Tour from 1976,I saw The Eagles at The Day on the Green concert in Oakland around 1977-78 tour,Steve Miller was on the Bill and the band Heart was there too,Going to a concert like this, seeing these great bands all in one day,i had a smile all the way home going WOW !!! what a Day,DaveK


  1. Dave, love the story and no doubt you had a smile of yer face after a day like that. Dare I ask, is the Eagles tour jacket for sale, I have a friend in Ireland would put a smile of his face for life.
    Thanks. Neil

  2. I have one also got it from the promoter Conserts West. Whats it worth??