Monday, July 27, 2009

California Jam 2 Crew Jacket 1978

Cal Jam 2 Crew Jacket 1978,Dark Brown Satin Jacket,Embroidered on back ONTARIO MOTOR SPEEDWAY,CALIFORNIA JAM 2,MARCH 18th 1978,The ORANGE SUN is a FELT PATCH with the Embroidered Logo on top,Jacket made by BIP of New York,,,Don E. Branker Produced The Cal Jam Concerts in 1974 and 1978, That Day in 1978 were Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush,Aerosmith,Foreigner,Heart,Dave Mason,Ted Nugent,Rubico,Santana and Bob Welch,
I wanted to go to California Jam 2 but since I was in Northern Calif.I couldnt Attend This Concert, DaveK


  1. Great jackets I love the 70's stuff! I collect Aerosmith and have alot of early ones. Here's a photo of a reversable japan jacket I have.

  2. Actually, both the California Jam and Cal Jam 2 were produced by Lenny Stogel and Sandy Feldman. It was Lenny's brainchild and he brought the idea to ABC-TV where Sandy worked. Don Branker 'worked' for Lenny & Sandy. The promoters for California Jam were Pacific Presentations and Wolf and Rissmiller promoted Cal Jam 2.

    1. thanks for the inside information on cal jam 2,,,davek