Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer RIP 2012

Donna Summer RIP 2012,
Sadly Donna passed away today May 17th,,,,i met her afew times in the 1990s in Beverly Hills,,,,She was so nice to her Fans,,,heres an Autographer LP record i got for my collection of LP records that are Autographed ,,,Best David,,

PS,,, recently i bought a Tour Jacket from Ebay for a Friend that Made her Tour Jackets in 1977,,,,Mary Bessel from LP Design started her Jacket Carrer making  a Donna Summer Embroidered Satin Jacket for her  1977 DISCO TOUR,,,DaveK


  1. Kinda stubbled on your blog. Any ideas how and where we sell a satan MTV jacket from we believe 1979?

  2. mtv was from 1981-82 era,,,the black satin jacket is the most common,i have a mtv jacket from a vj j.j. jackson,,,his had a mtv patch on the arm and embroidered initials,,,,theres a red mtv satin jacket thats rare,,,,if yours is the common one ,,,it should sell on ebay for around 40 to 60 bucks,,,hope this helps..