Monday, June 1, 2009

Journey ESCAPE Leather Bomber Jacket 1981-82 Tour

Journey ESCAPE Leather Bomber Jacket from the 1981-82 Tour,Large Leather Patch on front of Jacket,ESC4P3 Printed in Gold,,,Sheepskin Lining,Sheepskin Collar,Made By Golden Bear of Calif, I saw Journey Afew times in the late 1970s and early 80s,heres a Photo i Shot at The Day on The Green #5 in Oakland on Sept 2 1978,This Concert had Journey,Blue Oyster Cult,Ted Nugent,AC/DC and Opening Band Cheap Trick,Ticket Prices for this concert was $11 Bucks, Then there was the Softball Games I went to at The San Jose Municipal Stadium, K.O.M.E. Mad Dogs VS Journey Rock Dogs Softball Games,May 17th 1981 and July 28, 1983, Tickets were $1.98 to get in in 1981 and $298 to get in on 1983,DaveK


  1. Oh, man. I am jealous you have this coat! You have a great collection of stuff. I am a Journey collector - mainly concert shirts but I do have one jacket. A guy named Terry Brennan was selling off his stuff on eBay a couple years ago and got it from him. Also have scored some Dr. Browns shirts too. Have a lookey:
    If you ever want to part with this bomber jacket, gimme a holler!

  2. Hey Dave
    I have a Journey Escape World Tour 1981-1982 Scarab satin embroidered jacket with the name of Andy Embroidered on the front left side. I was told that it belonged to a crew member. I am willing to part with it. If you would like to see it I can send pictures. Or if you know of someone who may be interested I would appreciate a good lead.
    Thanx bunches