Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Outlaws / Rolling Stones Tour 1978

Outlaws / Rolling Stones Tour 1978,Vintage Satin Tour Jacket,Embroidered on back OUTLAWS ROLLING STONES TOUR 1978, Outlaws Logo,,,this is a well worn jacket from 31 years ago,very hard to find in any condition,no tag that i see,In 1978 The Outlaws were on Tour with The Rolling Stones for The Some Girls Tour,Southern Rock was HUGE back in the day when Classic Rock was New,The Radio Station KOME 98.5 FM had The Stones and The Outlaws on there Playlist when they came to the Bay Area in Northern California,KOME Radio always Gave away FREE CONCERT TICKETS to GREAT BANDS in the 70s,DaveK


  1. I don't believe any of your jackets are for sale, but this one in particular I love! and would love to wear!

    Post a response if you would ever sell. . .?

  2. check all the auctions online,,,, someday you might find one for sale,Best DaveK

    Save the photos for reference ,,,