Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ELVIS in CONCERT Summer Tour Jacket 1976

ELVIS in CONCERT Summer Tour Jacket 1976, NYLON Windbreaker type jacket,ELVIS IN CONCERT Patch on front, TCB Lightning Bolt Patch on Sleeve,,,,Made By Apollo by Holloway,This is an Original Elvis in Concert Summer Jacket,The Patch is Stitched in a different Angle (Embroidered)than the later reproduction Jackets after Elvis passed away for Fans and it has to say APOLLO BY HOLLOWAY to be Real from that time,In Concert is Thinner than the reproductions out there,the TCB patch is alittle different too than the reproduction jackets for fans of 1978


  1. World renowned Elvis Presley Collector Jeffrey Schrembs says: Good article and it is accurate as verified by the articles included in my collection. Take care and God bless.

  2. thanks jeff, if you need any other photoor higher quality of photos, let me know, i have other stuff not up yet,,,dk