Saturday, August 29, 2009

The TUBES World Tour 1976 Crew Jacket

The TUBES World Tour 1976 Crew Jacket,Nilon windbreaker jacket, silkscreened on back THE TUBES WORLD TOUR 76,A&M RECORDS LOGO,W/TUBES LOGO,Jacket Made by Pacific Sportswear, I saw The Tubes at the Concord Pavilion Amphitheater on Holloween Night in 1976,Great Concert,very funny skits,Love the Bands music,The Tubes are very under rated,there music will last forever, take a listen to there vintage songs,theres alot of cool songs the New Generation hasnt even heard yet because they dont know yet,I knew years ago The Tubes were cool,DaveK

PS, Im looking for the ORIGINAL FACE T-SHIRTS the BAND used to WEAR,Wink,Wink Mr Fee Waybil,,,,DK

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