Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ELVIS in CONCERT Winter Tour Jacket 1975

ELVIS in CONCERT Winter Tour Jacket 1975,Red Cotton Jacket with Leather Sleeves, ELVIS IN CONCERT Patch on front,TCB Patch on Sleeve,Made by BUTWIN Jackets,This is an ORIGINAL ELVIS IN CONCERT Tour Jacket from around 1975,The Embroidery angle on the patch is different than the reproductions of 1978 after Elvis Passed for Fans,Also IN CONCERT is Thinner than the Reproduction Jackets of Later,,,,"BUTWIN Jackets" were the ONLY JACKETS produced for ELVIS's Crew for the WINTER TOURS,
Windbreaker Summer Jackets were made by "Apollo by Holloway"
Since Im doing a BLOG about Vintage tour jackets, I Had to Have an ORIGINAL ELVIS PRESLEY TOUR JACKET,SUMMER AND WINTER JACKETS,DaveK


  1. I own the same coat and am trying to find out how much its worth. Do you have any idea???

  2. if its the BUTWIN jacket its probably worth alot i would think,,,davek

  3. Did the winter concert jacket come in white leather sleeves? please advise. thanks, Kim

  4. no,,,that was a 1990 replica ,,,its a good replica though,,,,the winter jackets were made by BUTWIN jackets only,,,,davek