Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aerosmith Vintage tour jacket ,late 70s

Areosmith Rare Vintage Tour Jacket, late 70s,Embroidered Patch on front only,wool jacket,Leather sleeves ,Black and yellow collar and cuffs and waistband,(in repair),,,this jacket is in repair due to moths that attacked the cuffs/collar and waistband,otherwise jacket is good,will display fine after repairs are done,size tag only,,,I saw Aerosmith in 1979 at the Day on the Green Monsters of Rock in Oakland,Calif, ill post photos soon,this jacket is a 1978-79 issued jacket for the road crew of Areosmith,NOTE, changed the dates of this jacket, its from around 1978-79


  1. hello, your description of this article is slightly incorrect. I was a member of the Aerosmith crew from 78-80 and this jacket was given to us after the 78-79 tour not early 70's. I have one in the closet amongst others.

    1. Hey Ramsey would you happen to have the Aerosmith 1977 Europe tour jacket ?