Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KISS Vintage Tour Jacket 1975

KISS Vintage Tour Jacket from 1975,Bodyguard JOHN HARTEs KISS Jacket that he wore on Tour with his friends,Stitched Logo on Back with Embroidered Name on front of the jacket,Satin Jacket, Vintage KISS Button Added to the collar, "I WAS THERE" This was a Backstage Pass for the Filming of a KISS VIDEO in the 1970s,I Got This Jacket Afew years Ago from The "KISS MY AUCTION" Auction from BACKSTAGEAUCTIONS,I See Paul Stanley around the Valley Getting Starbucks Coffee when hes in town and in Sherman Oaks Area from time to time,Davek


  1. The 'I WAS THERE' button was actually given out to fans attending KISS' 3 L.A. Forum shows. (Aug 25-28 1977. This is the venue that the recording of the 2 x LP KISS Alive II took place. 'I WAS THERE' was in reference to that. A promo t-shirt was also available with I.W.T. on the front and a promo blurb for radio station 'Ten-Q' (I believe?) on the back with other info.

  2. ...Thanks! :-) Very cool jacket by the way. I have one, but without a name embroidered on the front. The 'Big John' connection makes yours a lot cooler though!