Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tour Jacket Patch 1976

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tour Jacket Patch 1976 from a Vintage Tour Jacket,,,,,Original and not a Copy or a Fake,America 76 Tour, Freebird is one of the songs you had to learn on guitar in the 70s or you were not cool,,,,,,Class of 77 Rules


  1. I have a tour jacket from the lynyrd skynyrd 1982 tour. It is black silk with the freebird on the back and dated 1982. It says across the back "Fly On Freebird" and also says Winterland Productions. It has NEVER been worn. Is this of value? Trying to get it appraised and have no idea where to start.

    1. Did you ever find out about this, did you decide to sell it? Looking for one for my mom (she lost hers an a concert and is devastated!) Let me know!

  2. theres Skynyrd fans out there,,,, it might sell on ebay for $50 to $175 USD,,,, the comeback tour that Bill Graham did was the 10th anniversary reunion tour in 1987 of the fatal plane crash, ,,, I think this jacket you have is a tribute fan jacket that was made afew years before,,,i think winterland productions was a bill graham company,,,hope this helps.DaveK