Monday, April 20, 2009

Electric Light Orchestra The Big Night Tour Jacket 1978

Electric Light Orchestra The Big Night "Out of the Blue" tour of 1978,Satin Jacket with A Pink Stripe down the Sleeves and on the cuffs and trim,Embroidered on back with The Spaceship Logo and Space Shuttles,The Big Night Spelled out Embroidered too,no Tag on who made it,Any Fan would Die for this Jacket,Look at the Photos of the Embroidery on it,also in this Post is a Original ELO/Jet Records Advertizing color separation transparency from 1978 for Magazine print Ads, I see Jeff Lynne in Beverly Hills all the time when hes in town,Hes one Nice Guy, very Down to Earth,DaveK


  1. Great!!!!!


    Jeff is the Man!!!!

    We still luv ELO!!


  2. Jeff Lynne rules the universe. Check out my Jeff Lynne blog at Metrobloggen. Love Cicky in
    Dalby Sweden.

  3. Jeff Lynne is the Greatest musical mind of our time.