Monday, April 20, 2009

Stray Cats Tour Jacket 1983 Dos Equis Presents

Stray Cats Dos Equis Crew Tour Jacket from The USA 1983-1984,Red Satin Jacket,Embroidered on back, Dos Equis Imported Beer Patch on front,name embroidered on front,Made By Aristo Jac by Hilton,,This is one of afew jackets the Stray Cats had for this Tour, They had a Black Corduroy jacket with the same Stray Cat logo on Back,still looking for that one,i only saw one last year but it got away from me,i did see The Stray Cats at the San Jose Civic around this time, i think Sue Saad and the next and Roman Holliday was on the Bill also, if i could find my negatives,ill post them,Davek

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